Students Against Sexual Assault is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the elimination of sexual assault and sexual harassment on the University of California, Santa Barbara and the Santa Barbara City College campuses and their surrounding communities. Members of SASA aim to create sustainable and effective resources for survivors of sexual violence. We are dedicated to the study and exposure of sexual assault and harassment while also recognizing the systemic flaws in the institutions which do not effectively address the needs of survivors. SASA is committed to accomplishing these goals through meticulous and practical planning, community organizing, coalition building, and lobbying with the purpose of eliciting change in our fight against factors associated with sexual assault on our community members. SASA is founded upon and will, with every project and action, defend and uphold the principles of ethnic, gender, racial, and social equality— recognizing the intersectionality of persons affected by sexual violence.

Board of Directors

Who We Are

Emily Montalvo-Telford



Emily is a 4th year Philosophy and Sociology major and plans to attend law school and/or graduate school after completing her undergraduate career at UCSB. She has always been interested in the relationship between law and culture. She spends her summers interning at the Monterey County Public Defender’s Office and both her summers and academic years interning at the AS Legal Resource Center.

Alya Ruiz



Alya is a 2nd year Global Studies major and plans on joining the Peace Corps before attending graduate school for international relations and upon finishing her undergraduate education at UCSB. She is interested in social issues that affect people on a global scale, and diplomacy and humanitarian work in underdeveloped countries.

Isabel S. Carillo



Isabel is a psychology major at SBCC and plans to transfer for fall of 2019. She enjoys nature and hiking greatly, so much that she wants to include some form of wilderness therapy into her career. She enjoys to help people any way she can and has spent her time on campus helping develop a food pantry to support people with food insecurity and assisted in emerging a Center for Equity and Social Justice creating a courageous space for people of minority on campus.

Madeline Loudon



Madeline is a 3rd year History of Public Policy major and French minor. She plans on going to law school after graduating from UCSB and she is passionate about education policy and general legislative research. She runs UCSB's Voter Registration Volunteer Coalition and co-chairs Lobby Corps on the UCSB campus.

Vince Feliciano

Policy Analyst


Vince is a 1st year Pre-Sociology major and plans to attend graduate school after finishing his undergraduate education at UCSB. He is passionate about protecting the rights and lives of women, ethnic minorities, the queer community, and the socioeconomically disadvantaged, as well as studying social movements that have combated injustice throughout history.

Kaitlyn Nguyen

Publicity Coordinator


Kaitlyn is a 2nd year Environmental Studies major and plans to become an environmental analyst or policy maker after completing her undergraduate education at UCSB. She is interested in a wide scope of human rights issues, but most especially environmental rights and sexual rights. She has been involved in several organizations on campus including Residential Housing Association and the Daily Nexus as a staff photographer.

Sherri Lynn Conklin

Development Coordinator


Sherri expects to earn her PhD from the Department of Philosophy at the University of California Santa Barbara by August 2019. She is a Moral Theorist— conducting research at the intersection of Metaethics, Normative Ethics, Moral Psychology, and Applied Ethics. Sherri also conducts research on marginalization in the profession of philosophy as the Co-Director of the Demographics in Philosophy Project. During her time at UCSB, Sherri has served as the graduate student representative on a number of committees aimed at ending sexual victimization in the UCSB campus community.

For more information about Sherri, please visit her website: www.sherriconklin.com.


Kristine Kazangyan



Kristine is a 4th year History and Political science major who plans to pursue a degree in law after completing her undergraduate education at UCSB. She has always been interested in the historical processes that have influenced current domestic and foreign affairs. She spends her summers interning in political office and works at the AS Legal Resource Center throughout the school year.


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